Cool Optical Illusion: The Flashed Face Distortion Effect [Video]

Check out this cool optical illusion called “The Flashed Face Distortion Effect”. Please note that the faces featured in the video have not been altered in any way.

We describe a novel face distortion effect resulting from the fast-paced presentation of eye-aligned faces. When cycling through the faces on a computer screen, each face seems to become a caricature of itself and some faces appear highly deformed, even grotesque. The degree of distortion is greatest for faces that deviate from the others in the set on a particular dimension (eg if a person has a large forehead, it looks particularly large).

You can read more about the phenomenon right here and here.

[Via Geekosystem]


4 Responses to Cool Optical Illusion: The Flashed Face Distortion Effect [Video]

  1. huh, interesting. just so you know what you're looking for, you stare at the cross, and some of the faces on either side will look rather odd (no, you're not meant to be able to see them well, it's peripheral and there for fuzzy and your mind fills out the gaps with what it guesses fits, distorted by the surrounding images.
    I like it, although it's creepy.

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