Matt Cutts Says: Try Something New for 30 Days [Video]

Is there something you’ve always meant to do, wanted to do, but just … haven’t? In the following video, head of Google’s Webspam team Matt Cutts says: Why don’t you try it for 30 days?



7 Responses to Matt Cutts Says: Try Something New for 30 Days [Video]

  1. This isn't a new idea, but he speaks about it in a way that makes it sound especially accessible and inspiring. Now thinking about what my 30-day challenge will be…

  2. C'mon, we all know that its a lot harder than he's making it out to be, he's also been trained to talk in that way that sounds like an audio version of a self help book, if you're single, no full time job, no kids, no health problems, already got some money in the bank then you might find it slightly easier.

    • It's easy, if you set a easy goal. What's hard about watching less TV? In fact, it 'gives you' more time to do other things.
      I have a full time job ( 9 hours a day) and play at 2 bands (I'm a trumpet player). Tried the novel thing. I started on the 4th day, but I did 40k words.
      So, If i didn't have the band rehearsals, and didn't started late, I would have done it.
      If you drop GaS for a month, maybe you could do it too.

  3. cough, john, ahem, you don't need money in the bank and it doesn't matter if you have health problems and kids. In fact we are all genius's when making excuses. (Some of us need a good "kick-n-the-arse" to get in gear and accomplish something), even if it's just finishing a book at the end of the 30 days, or decreasing our body fat percentage just a little. It's all worth it once you try. And of-course don't forget about team-work; a friend always helps.

  4. This video is great! It motivates me to go out and change those nasty habits that I've always wanted to change. I'm excited to start some 30-day change plans! I also found a great online resource that helps people change called Change Anything. It helps you create an online change plan to successfully change in 30 days and to make it a habit afterwards. So check out the site, and use the coupon code "hope1" to receive a free 1-year membership to the site!

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