Womanthology: A Massive, All-Female Comics Anthology

Aw, yyyyeah. As a woman with a fairly well-developed appreciation for comics, I have to admit that I’m a bit giddy about this project. Womanthology is the collaborative effort of 140 female artists and writers ranging from industry veterans to girls planning a career in comics. The first issue, “Heroic”, will be published as a 300-page, 9×12″ hardcover in December 2011.

The purpose of the book is to showcase the works of female creators of every age and experience levels.

The Graphic Novel will majorly consist of many short stories interpreting our theme for this volume; “Heroic”. We’ll also have interviews and how-to’s with some of the industry’s top female pros, as well as talks with young girls who someday want a career in comics.

A Kids & Teens section will also be included, showcasing their work, and offering tips & tricks to help them prepare themselves for their future careers in comics. Overall, this is pretty much a huge book showcasing what women in comics have accomplished, and what we are capable of.

Because the team plan to donate their profits to theĀ Global Giving Foundation, they’ve organized a Kickstarter to help allay publishing costs for 1500 books.

The list of contributors is sort of mind-blowing when you consider the scale of the project; seasoned professionals from every major comics publisher in one book? That alone is impressive, but to team them up individually with comics noobs to give them a hand up in a traditionally male-dominant industry is worth supporting.

Check out the Womanthology site and their Kickstarter campaign to get more info about the book and its contributors.