Generation Text: Teens and Their Texting Habits [Infographic]

[Source: Lab42]

14 Responses to Generation Text: Teens and Their Texting Habits [Infographic]

  1. I send more picture messages than most teens, apparently.  Also, texting is great, but they should have had someone at the end of the research area who would smack everyone on the way out who said they text during movies.

  2. Isn't anyone even a little worried that the methodology skews the results?  I would very much expect that users of social media (the sample chosen) would report high use of social media.

  3. Massive amounts of energy, research and resources poured into achieving real-time voice communication around the world, and we go back to written messages. Yeah, that makes sense…. Guess Bell should never have bothered, we should have just stuck with the telegraph and saved a lot of money.

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