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    • I always took web developer to be a catch-all term including, but not limited to: web designers
      (the HTML/CSS bunch that decide how the page/app/etc looks) AND
      programmers (the PHP/Javascript bunch that do the actual coding that
      makes dynamic sites/apps work). What’s your definition? :-s

      PS: Not trying to say you’re wrong, merely that there’s not really a
      definitive definition, and I wanted to know what your one was.

      • PHP is more or less a programming language. But then again, not really.
        Javascript, is not even close.

        Remember. A programming language is something that actually in someway interferes with Hardware components, such as Assembly being CPU instructions, which allow you to do all sorts of low level stuff..So again. In PHP you define a VAR as global, and utilize the values in it, afterwards. Which is kind of like scripting, if you ask me. Or Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you define the data structure and initialize the values.

        And what i meant, was that Web designers, (Known as "Web developers") make more money designing and stuff related to that, in comparison to someone who actually does all the hard work, low level programming, etc.

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