Google +1 vs Facebook Like: Fight!

So people, Google +1 or Facebook Like? Fight! (Via the social media buttons below) Let us see who gets the more “Likes” or “+1!”


29 Responses to Google +1 vs Facebook Like: Fight!

    • No way, man.  SU, Digg, and Reddit are tied for last place.  I tried to help 'em out and motivate, but they've been on the crack for too long, I'm afraid.

      • It should watch itself, I personally only use twitter as a filter for people's shit I want to read.  After that's sorted, I'll stray away from it.

    • Ok, seriously.  Have you watched the loading of the social media icons?  What's up with that?  Is +1 being handled by Digg Digg or did you add some manual coding?  It's jacked up.

  1. Hey, I wanted to post this on MySpace and you jerks took down the… did MySpace ever have a button? Screw you guys. I'm going to Friendster.

    • Not quite that inaccurate – +1 has been around longer than Google+ remember, I was plussing pages before I got on Google+

      So its narrowed to GAS users that use Google+ or support the concept of Google+ over Facebook without having seen G+

      • While I'm in Google+, +1 was initially an experimental search thing where your buzz followers and mutual contacts would get recommendations, exactly like what bing is doing now, but it was around first.

        • Does sound like Bings marketing strategy – either which way though yeah +1 was round for a while its just taken on a new meaning.

          winning anyway :)

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