Badass “Starry Knight” Tattoo [Pic]

I love tattoos, but don’t have one because I can’t ever think of anything I’d like to keep forever. I never considered a comics-plus-classical-art mashup though, so maybe my options have opened up a bit. Pan Rozmyty‘s ink is all the best elements of post-impressionism and pop culture in a design called “Starry Night over the Gotham City”, drawn by Dominika Gardocka of Skorpion Sosnowiec tattoo studio in Poland.

I think it’s awesome, though I will deduct two points for totally missing the opportunity to make a night/knight pun. Otherwise, A++ would like again.

EDIT: It’s been brought to our attention that Pan Romyty’s design is based on an original work by artist James Hance. Hance’s Batman-meets-Van Gogh predates Romyty’s tattoo; a print is available for purchase on Hance’s website.


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