Steve Jobs Figurine Comes Fully Loaded, But Not with Cash

It’s true, there’s a 12-inch Steve Jobs replica accessorized with miniatures of the Apple Store’s best merchandise. Whether or not the real Mr. Jobs will let the Steve Jobs Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figurine see its way into production is another story altogether, but for now it’s fun for an Applehead to dream that someday, for the low-low price of only $160, he or she too can own a tiny inanimate clone of the only guy on the planet who can rock the same outfit every day of the week because he just wants to.

Included with the Mr. Jobs figurine: 1/6-scale iMac, Magic Mouse, keyboard, iPhone 4, iPad 2, Desk, Chair, New Balance 992 sneakers, black T-shirt and jeans.


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