Search Your Kindle: Star Wars eBooks Now Available

"Buy my book."

For thirty years, people have been writing Star Wars books. That’s a long time (and a jumbled canon) but yesterday, finally, Star Wars entered the future. Lucasfilm and Random House announced that the entire library of Star Wars fiction titles (Del Rey/Bantam Spectra) will be available in eBook format, as will any future releases under the imprints. That’s 100+ books added to the 30 that were available already. It’s probably going to take you longer than 12 parsecs to read them.

Additionally, each title will contain extra content, the first of which sounds extremely handy:

  • An updated Star Wars novels timeline
  • An introduction to the six major Star Wars eras: The Old Republic, Rise of the Empire, Rebellion, The New Republic, New Jedi Order, and Legacy
  • Over half a dozen additional excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years

It’s a smart move on Random House’s part, since virtually every other aspect of the SW universe has been marketed to saturation. Holding out until yesterday may have been a good idea–most people have not read all 130+ Star Wars novels, so it’s like getting something new.

I’ve never read anything from the Star Wars series. If I were to pick a book now, where should I start?

[SWRandomHouse via IGN Comics]

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