My Little Serenity [Video]

Oh, the Internet. She is a mite unpredictable.

This My Little Ponies meets Serenity mash-up is the latest round of hypergeeky awesomeness from BronyVids, the folks who brought us the My Little Pony/Watchmen video.


7 Responses to My Little Serenity [Video]

  1. Actually, have you guys seen the "X-Ponies First Class: Pinkamina's School For Gifted Fillies" trailer? Same artists, it's on youtube and hilarious. Charles is pink and fluffy. It fits the X-Men trailer scarily well, too.

  2. Unpredictable?  Please, I've been expecting this for months! 

    …That is to say, I've been hoping to see it for months. <.<; 

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