DIY Portal Test Chamber

Does your workspace lack the hazard warnings it so desperately needs? That’s OK! These officially licensed Portal Test Chamber stickers can alert you and guests to the dangers commonly found in geeky work areas, like falling cubes or unexpected holes to unknown places. They say it comes with cake, but I bet it’s a lie.

Product Specifications

  • Sticker sheet featuring the warning signs from Portal 2
  • Each sheet has 9 individual black and white stickers
  • Printed on vinyl with water & UV protective laminate
  • Sturdy enough to survive on the back of your car
  • Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible
  • Dimensions: 11” x 11” (for the whole sheet of 9 stickers)

Check ’em out on ThinkGeek.



2 Responses to DIY Portal Test Chamber

  1. I want a to-scale 9×9 grid complete with individual lightbox behinds semi-opaque white plastic with the warning symbols printed on it, this is the only way to ensure absolute safety in an alive and dynamic testing environment such as the type that Aperture are so famous for.

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