What Tau Sounds Like [Video]

Back on March we showed you Michael Blake’s musical interpretation of pi just before Pi Day. He’s back at it again, turning another mathematical constant to music, just in time for Tau Day (6.28).

Tau (?) equals 2? or 6.28… For this video, Blake uses only the first 126 digits.

What do you think, Geeks? I love the toy piano’s tinkly little noise. If you want to download What Tau Sounds Like, you can do that here.


6 Responses to What Tau Sounds Like [Video]

  1. This is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard, just because of how it's connected to a number. And people think that number geeks can't be musically inclined. Hmmph, just look at how amazing this is!

  2. Tau is used for all sorts of numbers in different equations.  It is used in Electricity equations Tau (time constant) = RC, or Tau is used for Torque in Dynamics, or even yet, Tau may be used for Shear Stress.  Pi is exclusively used as a ratio between all circles.  These people don't know math at all.

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