Batman vs Sherlock Holmes [Comic]



20 Responses to Batman vs Sherlock Holmes [Comic]

  1. This is why Sherlock Holmes is 15 times a better detective than Batman! He's a fucking legend while Batman… well he's ridiculous… Way to own his ass Holmes! He's just jealous you're better than him! The fact that he tied you up is a result that shows how pathetic he is!

  2. Danail he is a better detective, but not a better escape artist… so better luck getting out of there.

    • What about Baritsu, the martial art that Sherlock Holmes used to survive his fight with Moriarty? It's totally awesome. Kind of like MMA with canefighting.

  3. A good Batman design, but Holmes is done completely wrong. Get rid of the pipe, deerstalker, traveling cloak & magnifying glass and you will have what he normally wears and uses.

    • Sure, but this is a one shot comic. The pipe, hat, and magnifying glass are what make him identifiable without a call out saying "Sherlock Holmes" and an arrow pointing to him. Or some stupid, "hi my name is…" sticker or his non-cliched clothing. Drawing him that way makes the comic understandable without always having to be right below the title explaining what it is.