Math Blaster: Rated “M” For Math [Comic]



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      • I didn't know it either. I'm happy to say that. But I agree with Pow! that it's sad how many people feel the urge to somehow validate their pathetic existence by solving an equation IN A COMIC.

        • So you’re happy that you don’t know something? You’re actually happy about a lack of knowledge? That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.

        • I agree, seeing that there are intelligent people that can do this in their head comforts me. I work with people and it's pretty damn sad how many are uneducated.

        • I agree. These people are just jealous that they hardest math class they ever took was Algebra 2 and nearly failed it! OH NO FACTORING, WHAT DO I DO!!!!!! DUR!!!!!!!!!!!!….


          Calculus 2 for Engineers student

  1. 0 right, lim as x -> 5 of (2*(e^0) – 2 ) / (4 – 5) = (2*1 – 2) / (-1) = 0/-1 = 0.