From Sean Connery to Steve Jobs: Get Lost!



28 Responses to From Sean Connery to Steve Jobs: Get Lost!

  1. Funny, Mr Bond, I mean Connery, certainly didn't have any problems using his voice for a Level 3 commercial.  If he had been smart, he would have been paid in stock back then.

    • It's called a typewriter.  Some of us remember those, yes?  They have funny quirks, especially if you use a letter often.  The "m" didn't imprint well, that's all.

      (and yes, I know that this is fake, and the lack of perfection in the "m" is part of the realistic elements to make it more humorous.)

  2. Something tells me Apple's corporate HQ wasn't actually at "1 Infinite Loop".  Although that would be cool.

  3. Something tells me Apple’s corporate HQ wasn’t actually at “1 Infinite Loop”. ¬†Although that would be cool.

  4. "I do not sell my soul for Apple or any other company." If you going to make a someone shit pararody then at least get the grammar right…

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