Receipt Racer Game is an “Ecological Disaster” [Video]

Made during the OFFF Festival in Barcelona on June 8th 2011, Receipt racer is a game that uses different in and output devices, in this case a PS3 controller and a thermal receipt printer, to create a unique gaming experience.

[Receipt Racer]


15 Responses to Receipt Racer Game is an “Ecological Disaster” [Video]

    • Technically, he's right.
      The vast majority of our paper comes from regulated and renewable tree farms at this point (taking only so many trees each season, from one section at a time, replanting them after a season or two, and not harvesting that section again until the trees are fully mature).
      It also takes around the same amount of energy to recycle old paper as it does to make the same amount of new paper. Both methods involve nasty chemicals, a lot of bleach, and both make use petroleum products at some point in their production (usually transport). One really isn't much better than the other.
      So while it's not the best use of paper – it's not an "ecological disaster"

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