Teefury Shirt of the Day: Watchers’ Council

Buffy fans, rejoice: Teefury has an awesome, cheap shirt just for you today.
Designer heartjack says:

I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon in general and Buffy in particular. I’ve wanted to come up with a Buffy the vampire slayer themed shirt for a long time. The standard Buffy shirts are just to in-your-face, without any of the insider nods that makes a fan shirt really cool. I tried to work all kinds of little things into the heraldry style crest of the ‘Watchers’ Council’ (Ex: Mr. Pointy). The show establishes that at its peak the Council was a large organization and even had a Special-Ops team. So I thought about it in terms of a law enforcement style shirt, if you were working for the Council. After that I just figured where I’d want to be assigned…

It can be yours for just $10 for the next 12 hours, so act fast!