[GAS] Celebrates Dads: Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day and dads everywhere are getting ties and keychains and coffee mugs they’ll totally use all the time. Thanks, kids! Get the old man some coffee in that new mug and keep the paternal theme going with these [GAS]-approved tidbits. Then gather ’round the garage and make a rocket together or something.

Dads in the Wild

For most of the animal kingdom, Father’s Day comes around more often than Dad does. But there are a few noteworthy dutiful dads in nature; from unexpectedly paternal aquatic creatures to the badass but baby-friendly wolverine, here’s a nice round-up of Super-Dedicated Animal Dads.

The Good, the Bad, the Darth Vaders

Who are the best fathers in literature? The first who comes to mind is Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, but this list runs the full spectrum of books; from Ramona Quimby to Harry Potter, find out who the best dads in print are. Or, if you think your pops needs a cautionary tale for fatherhood, check out this list of the Bad Dads in Books.

Who’s the best dad in geekdom? This list of the Top Ten Fictional Geek Dads might start some kind of riot; Vader gets an A+? Search your feelings, you know it can’t be true. Though he’s not technically a father in the show, I’m going to put my money on Captain Picard. Anyone who can live on a ship with the whiniest 12-year-old ever (that would be Wesley Crusher) and still be patient enough to impart wisdom and guidance without setting his phaser to “tell your mom she’s fired” is a child-rearing hero in my book.

TV and movies are filled with great dads, but they aren’t all created equal. From Finding Nemo’s Marlin to Liam Neeson’s character in Taken, the Best Dads in TV and Film are all winners. Even Red Foreman, who called his kid “Dumbass” and routinely took away the keys to the Vista Cruiser.

The Science of Fatherhood

Though the relationships between mothers and their children get a lot of attention from biologists and psychologists (and probably lots of other -ists), a few recent findings show that dads are more than just alternate diaper-changers. In ways that are similar to maternal brain changes during and after pregnancy, fathers also undergo their own biological transformations with the arrival of a new baby. Additionally, dads are inherently different than moms in the way they approach parenthood, typically taking the role of challenging their children rather than comforting them–a dual-approach that has evolved over the last few decades.

Who are your favorite pop culture dads? And did you get/give any geektastic gifts today? Let us know!

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