Velvet D20 Pillow

Because even caffeine doesn’t always work for hardcore nighttime tabletop RPG players, thinkgeek now sells some pretty comfortable-looking velvet D20 pillows. Check ’em out right here.

[D20 Velvet Pillows – $29.99 @]


5 Responses to Velvet D20 Pillow

  1. DM: So you go into the room, moving silently. You see a woman resting on the table with dace and books on the table
    PC1: Asleep, eh? Sounds like a gamer, best move on
    PC2: ooo~, What book is it? *rolls* Nat 18 for my spot check
    DM: It's D&D 4e
    PC1: Ohhh~ That's no good. I should sneak-attack her
    PC2: Nahh, This calls for a Coup-de-grace

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