Hot New Beachwear for the Summer: 3D-Printed Bikini

Behold the N12, the first 3D-printed bikini ever, a high-tech garment that’s the result of a collaboration between Continuum Fashion and Shapeways. For something that’s completely customized to your own shape, the price isn’t even too bad – the top will set you back about $260 and I assume the bottom is comparable (it’s currently listed as “not for sale”). The bikini is named for nylon 12, the waterproof material it’s printed from.

From Shapeways:
The N12 was designed using Rhino 3D CAD software and specially written algorithmic script to create the structure of the 3D printed fabric. The algorithm uses a complex ‘circle packing’ equation on an arbitrarily doubly curved surface (the bikini). The size of the circles responds to curvature and edge conditions of the form, creating smooth edges and a responsive pattern.

If you’re ready to jump on the 3D printing bandwagon but aren’t quite ready to jump right into swimwear, don’t worry – there are options for you too.

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