Former Employee Not Helping Best Buy’s Geek Cred

In light of the responses to this morning’s post about Best Buy’s cease-and-desist letter to Newegg, you’d hope there was better news for the company than what I just read. But that’s not the case, and sometimes there’s a really good reason that the customer is always right.

The general opinion of [GAS] commenters is that the Geek Squad is, at best, inept, a claim Best Buy lashed out at Newegg for indirectly implying in their recent Geek On ad campaign. But according to a former employee who, calling himself “K.”, wrote in to The Consumerist, it’s all true. K’s inside knowledge of the Geek Squad is more damaging than Newegg’s t-shirts by a full order of magnitude.

K. writes:
1. A high percentage of Geek Squad employees lack basic troubleshooting skills such as correctly identifying malfunctioning components. This stems from inadequate and outdated training materials, such as the Best Buy Learning Lounge.

2. People are hired or promoted from other departments to Geek Squad simply to sell services. Specifically, individuals who have no experience working on computers are given the appearance of being a technician.

Read the rest of K.’s “Confessions of a Former Geek Squad Geek” and let us know what you think.