Hardcore X-Men Back Tattoo [Picture]

Yikes! Not sure what the back story is on why this guy had this specific issue tattooed on his back, but I certainly hope he never came to regret it!



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    • It could just be a few days old… Tattoos peel a few days after you get them, it's pretty gross/annoying :(
      However the rest of the tattoo doesn't look that fresh. Perhaps a touch up?
      It could be fake, but I'm not thinking so.

  1. A tattoo like that will probably take a week or more to do, especially if he needs breaks. I have a friend who got an elaborate tattoo done on his shoulder, and it took him a couple days to get it all done. My tattoo took a few hours with no breaks. Tattoos DO peel. Especially if they rub up against something. I couldn't wear shirts with backs on them for the first couple of days because the guy said that it will peel if anything rubs up against it. I think that is a real genuine x-men tattoo.

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