The Who, Why and How of Twitter [Infographic]

“Of the millions of tweets created every day, 71% produce no reaction.” I find this unsurprising when people talk so much about what they’re eating and where they are.

[by BuySellAds via TNW]


2 Responses to The Who, Why and How of Twitter [Infographic]

  1. I find twitter, boring, limited, and unappealing. Its like a downgraded version of facebook, with basically only status updates. Yeh sure its grown and gotten bigger, but why? Its worse the facebook in every way, especially when it comes to staring at the screen doing nothing for hours because there is just less on the site to do. Except stalk celebrities.

  2. I, for one, seriously hates twitter and feel that no one is that interesting to listen to you inner thoughts of which ice cream you've chosen and why.  It's hopefully a fad that will morph into some other useful outlet.  I usually only post pictures of crazy stuff on the FB status updates.  I'm not even that narcissistic. 

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