Windows 8 Preview [Video]

Microsoft has just posted the first video of what apparently will be many showing some of the features of their upcoming Windows 8 OS. Check it out:

I don’t know about you guys, but this pretty much looks like something that would run exclusively on a touch-enabled tablet PC (or a desktop with a touchscreen.) Sure, the presenter does say that the interface will work fine via a mouse and keyboard, but as far as I’m concerned, it certaintly doesn’t look that way. I guess we’ll have to wait for them to release additional videos to find out.

So what do you guys think about the new interface? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. That looks horrid.  Seriously looks hard to use.  Windows 7 was brilliant as far as UI, this looks ugly.  Hopefully I can skip Windows 8 and wait long enough to go to whats next.

  2. if that's really windows 8, i'm sticking with windows 7 for a while longer.
    Also i noticed how he was saying 'apps' an awful lot, windows machines run programs, actually useful things, things like the ipad run apps, things that look cool, but in the long run serve no actual purpose.

  3. Its not terrible – notice when you're running a standard application you get the normal interface back, what I expect is you'll get your start screen very briefly and then launch to your desktop and be done with this new interface it'll be the equivalent of Windows Media Centre is for me something thats a neat idea but just not implemented in  a way i'll use.

  4. I think this looks pretty cool.  I don't see why everyone is knocking it.  People have to understand that touch interfaces are where things are going.  This looks much more intuitive than windows is now IMO.  This is something my mother could easily use and not get so frustrated.  I for one would continue to use the standard interface on my PC/Laptop, but would gladly use the new UI on a tablet device.

    • the problem i see with the new interface is that it doesnt have the balance that previous versions have had. Im all for intuitive UI, but this gives off the impression that its actually getting really dumbed down and i can no longer be a windows "power user", which is the main reason ive stayed with windows and not gone onto Mac (dont know much about Linux but maybe thats where im headed)

      I think that maybe Microsoft should take some cues from google and Apple and concentrate more on making their OS run more efficient and maximizing their hardware. I personally think that the next thing is "Cloud" computing, not touch. Touch just seems like a very surface type of computer, very convenient for basic tasks, not at all for long power sessions. 

      If this is the best MS has to offer, their in big trouble

    • Of course it's very dumbed down, they need to do that to try and stop OSX

      and Linux from gaining more market share. I am a windows power user myself,

      and know all the nooks and crannies of windows and wouldn't give up my file

      system if my life depended on it, but I can attest from personal experience

      that not all people want or like that. I've tried to get my mother to

      understand how file systems work, and how and where to put pictures and

      music file, etc. for years now and she just doesn't get it, and really has

      no desire to. It seems to me that if she could just have a screen with big

      buttons that allow her to do what she needs to do with out thinking about

      it, then this is a good thing. They did show in the video that you can get

      back the old UI if you want, and that's what people like me or you will most

      likely stick with. As for the stability issue, I think MS has just about

      figured that out with Windows 7. I've been running Windows 7 since it was a

      release candidate and it's loads more stable and reliable than any previous

      version of Windows. XP wasn't this stable until after many updates and

      service packs and Windows 7 is already this stable at first release.

      Something else you have to keep in mind, this is a full blow desktop OS

      that's being translated to a portable tablet flavor, not the easiest thing

      to do. Apple recognized this and that's why they went with iOS for the iPad

      instead of OSX. Linux is a whole different ballgame all together. Linux is

      so scalable that it can be made to work with anything. The original

      Motorola RAZR use an embedded form or Linux, Android is Linux as well,

      Symbian from Nokia is Linux based as well. Something a lot of people may

      not realize, Linux is based on Unix, and OSX and iOS are based on a Unix

      variant called FreeBSD, so OSX and iOS have a lot of similarities to Linux,

      and you can in fact run a lot of Linux software on OSX, with some work


      Don't even get me started on cloud computing. I don't trust the cloud and

      no one should trust the cloud completely just yet. With all the hacks that

      have happened lately, keeping all your data store on a remote server is just

      asking for trouble. Plus, internet access is not ubiquitous enough yet for

      the cloud to be the end all be all. I still prefer to use application that

      I bought and have installed on my computer to something remote. I love

      Google and all the things they do, but Google docs sucks, it can't replace

      Word or Excel. Even Pages and Numbers on my iPad is better than Google


      In the end, I think MS is on the right track with trying to make Windows

      work on a portable device, so long as you can get back to the old style UI.

      • Be quiet wannabe you dont know what your talking about. Windows 8 is awesome and cant wait to get it. You can still get to your file system and the cloud will be more secure for sure

    • hahahah you dont even know what your talking about. Your just clueless. Microsoft is heading right direction with windows 8 and its new interface. dont you know dummy that windows 8 will work with the Cloud. You for sure are not a power user.

  5. I don't think I could be LESS impressed. I prefer to kick back with my feet up on my desk, keyboard in my lap, when using my home PC. I can see just how much fun THAT'S going to be with Windows 8 no matter how much they claim that it will work just fine with a keyboard & mouse…

  6. This is totally just something running on top of Windows 7. I was expecting something revolutionary but instead we get windows 7 with some lame tablet PC functionality slapped on. Great job…

  7. This is the first windows upgrade I've liked in a long time. Why? Because Microsoft seem to finally get that a mobile device is becoming increasingly prevalent. When your mobile runs the same thing as your desktop, your mobile almost becomes like your user profile, opening up greater synergy possibilities. From what he's shown us, it does seem like Windows has been dumbed down – but I hated Vista and Windows 7, because while they dumbed it down, it was intuitive. New technologies open up new UI possibilities. Can anyone imagine using G-Speak on Windows 7? Of course not. Can it run on Windows 8? Hell yes. We're moving into an age where our mobile devices will become our hard-drives, our processors, our hardware, and desktops, televisions, the mobile itself, will all become platforms to use it on. And I, for one, welcome our new Windows overlords.

  8. i think it looks very bad. no aesthetic value at all. and yes, it appears as if it was designed for phones and touchpads (trying to compete with ipad2 much?). I would certainly not use it. seems very cumbersome to navigate.

  9. But when will it be available? I fear that Duke Nukem Forever will be released before Windows 8 gets released :o)

  10. Dear Microsoft, If I wanted to use a tablet instead of a desktop, I would have just spent $2000+ in upgrading and would have purchased any of the Tigra2 Android Tablets that's floating around :)

    This interface is way to similar to Windows Media Center, and last time I checked no one uses it, and actually goes as far as replacing it with media player classic and foobar for there movies and music… cumbersome GUIs are just that cumbersome.

    That being said, if you really wanted to know what your userbase thinks of your GUI , you would allow comments on your videos, now lets not forget what happened last time you ignored your userbase's input while developing your OS, Vista, need I say more.

    Then again if this is really what windows 8 is going to be focussed on, as in trying to create a unified feeling between your portable devices and your desktop computer , Ill rather install Linux or Macosx as both of those are far more useful than your mobile OS, just glad I could install a custom android Rom on my windows phone 7 device :)

  11. Except that the term "app" was around *long* before the ipad/iphone. I've most often made the distinction between programs being "apps" or "games" … the two most common types of "programs" … not caring on what hardware the program is run. Just because Apple is trying to trademark every word in the english (and other) language, don't buy into the "an app is useless" paradigm.

  12. Lipstick on a pig. And I'm a long time Windows user. Seriously I was concerned as a developer that they completely changed Windows and my clients would be screwed. Seeing that the "real" Windows still exists underneath was both a relief and a disappointment. I mean why call it a new version unless it's actually new? A pig with lipstick is just a (questionably) prettier pig.

  13. I'm not sure I can see the apps taking off greatly either, just glorified windows gadgets if they're HTML and Javascript again, then again I suppose a developer and an end user have different requirements from their machines.

  14. lets see, windows.. 3.x , 95 , 98 , 2000 , Me , xp , vista , 7, and now 8.. with a NEW Interface!

    but its not really a new interface as much as it is an 'app' that hooks your input, and sync's with what seems to be a slightly upgraded? windows 7 OS.

    — changelog or it never happened. —

    ill take a look at more videos, and read whatever developer news you put out, cause im curious.

    if i heard right, your 'new os' interface can actually be modified by the user? .. or is it going to be a developer license thing?

    aside from the fact that the first 'theme' you showed is butt ugly.. if users can code/design their own W8 'theme' (would be an awesome idea), i sure hope you dont charge for that. 'buying' this 'NEW OS' will probably be pricey enough.

  15. aside from needing a lot of aesthetic work, looks nice for a tablet. and it should, it looks like windows with android and iOS mixed in.
    for a desktop, it looks terrible. i am sure glad they kept the windows 7 interface in there as well. if i were to upgrade, i would disable this new media center crap and i imagine i would not be alone. can you see a businessman or developer fumbling around in that thing?
    he also kept using the word app. i have no problems with apps, but you don't have to call legitimate programs apps just to seem with the times.
    looks alright for casual computing, but that's about it.

  16. Ok.. I think Microsoft here wanted to be like Apple and integrate their Mobile OS into their Main OS, but they went a oui bit too far.

    First off.. this runs WAY too smooth to be a legit Windows OS.. I smell stripped down Windows.2, What the hell is up with the shell? Your primary UI is some stupid, Glorified version of Windows Phone 7 and your secondary UI is the standard Explorer Shell? I dont get it.. I think it would have been better to have Explorer as the primary UI and then have that fancy crap in as a secondary.
    Third: I do not like the hole swipe to change "tiles" idea for a very specific reason: you dont know what the stack looks like! You need to iterate over the entire thing before you know what is where in it, and even for some basic users, they tend to have  ALOT of stuff open. Think it would have been smarter to have some multitasking dock come up and you can just pick what you want and slide it into place.. oh wait.. Apple has a multi tasking dock! And WebOS has where you can snap the cards into place to view them!

  17. It's complete and utter garbage. I will NEVER EVER EVER buy this crap. I am so disappointed I am literally sick.

  18. It is interesting. The use of this with the mouse an keyboard should not be all that difficult. It seems similar to using mouse gestures which were all the rage with 3rd party mouse app developers a while back. And with regard to the applications/programs divide: An application is a program that performs a specific function. For example: Word Perfect is (was) a word processing application.

  19. It is great, most of you think it will be hard to use or get familiar with, i own a windows phone, the new UI is based on the Metro interface that is the same as the windows phone 7 has, once you get to try that ui you won't miss the old one, it is amazing, and so easy to use as you cannot imagine.

      • He's having a laugh I think (I hope) commented on every slightly negative comment on this -.- either having a laugh or very very ignorant (maybe Windows do need to dumb down the interface)

        Or that magical 3rd option that he managed to pinch a very early version and has seen things we haven't.. however unlikely…

      • He’s having a laugh I think (I hope) commented on every slightly negative comment on this -.- either having a laugh or very very ignorant (maybe Windows do need to dumb down the interface)

        Or that magical 3rd option that he managed to pinch a very early version and has seen things we haven’t.. however unlikely…

  20. Ok, I was trying to remember where that screen looked familiar-the Windows Phone.

    Maybe I'm just too set in my ways, but I prefer to have my static desktop and not have to flip through my opened work. And yes, still prefer a keyboard and mouse/mouse pad. Yeah, maybe too set in my ways, and things are marching past.

  21. The moving from screen to screen looks a copy of Apple iphone or Ipod touch.
    Secondly this would be good only with tablet PC not sure about using it with a mouse and a keyboard.

    • LOL this dont copy crappy iphone or ipod moron. Why dont you look at iOS5 they copied android and windows 7 also. Dont be jealous because you wish your mac osx looked this good.

  22. this blows away the Mac OS5 or all the other crappy Mac Systems. This is going to take off great and glad no more ugly icons to look at. Great job Microsoft this will wake up all the Apple Trolls out there and also the Cult leader Steve gay Jobs. hahahaha I cant wait to get windows 8 and glad I never gotten windows 7 yet but was thinking getting it to upgrade my vista system and now i will for sure upgrade to windows 8. Also cant wait when windows phone 8 arrives has well and not that microsoft bought Skype i know they will have dule core phones built in with Front face camera for video chat. Keep it coming Microsoft you will be number 1 again. While Apple will just go back to Grocery stores shelves.  :)-

  23. windows 7 is a lot better than this new version of windows and plus the new os seems 2 b a little bit complicated 2 use…….:(

  24. windows 7 is a lot better than this new version of windows and plus the new os seems 2 b a little bit complicated 2 use…….:(

  25. i work in IT for a living, and i will not be recommending windows 8 for clients, i will tell them to stay faaar away from it. i would of thought that microsoft learnt their lesson with WINDOWS ME…

    if it aint broke, dont fix it!

    windows 98 worked, windows xp worked, windows 7 works, windows 8…. clutching at straws.

    people arent even properly converted to windows 7 yet and microsoft wants to push out another OS, the hardware manufacturers must be loving this, i can understand why they want to charge for new drivers these days.

    why the hell would i want a pc to look like a phone or tablet

    no. sorry. fail.

    ps. i can understand how this must appeal to Mac users and some social networking junkies, thats about it.

  26. I can't believe my eyes. Microsoft has truly lost its mind. Then again, with a CEO like Steve Ballmer, it's not surprising.

    Instead of constantly forcing its users into new paradigms and ways of doing things it should concentrate on making their operating systems work efficiently and transparently instead of interfering with users all the time.

    That's it, I've had it with this neurotic company. After more than 30 years working on computers, after enduring a steady interface usability decline since Windows 98, this is it, I QUIT, I will simply refuse to purchase any hardware running this garbage.

    It is truly unbelievable that, after so many complaints for so many years, Microsoft still can't understand that it needs to concentrate on making its operating system and software fast, effective and reliable instead of constantly interfering with HOW users should use their own computers!

    When is Microsoft going to understand that the P in PC stand for PERSONAL, as in "it belongs to ME" and NOT Microsoft?!

  27. I agree keep the portable interfaces on portable devices. I think there needs to be two markets in this area. One for the people who want an entertainment device. Then one for people who want to actually use a computer for *gasp* computing. I think the industry in general is moving in all the wrong directions all at the same time. Mobile interfaces, cloud computing, information collecting… Those are the three nails in the coffin with me and electronics. They have two nails in, and cloud computing will finish it off, and I am done with it entirely.

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