The [GAS] Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is June 19th and we know you’re still scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift, but that’s okay! Don’t panic. These are some of our favorite collectibles, quirky finds and fan gear, perfect for any geek guy.

The Jayne Cobb Hat

Everyone who loves Firefly knows about Jayne’s hat, and Ma Cobb’s Hat Shoppe will even box ’em up all shiny for you, complete with handwritten note and straw.

Spock Cookie Jar

Yes, it’s illogical. But isn’t it also… fascinating? There’s not an object in existence that doesn’t have a Trekked-out version, so don’t stop at the cookie jar

Get the Star Trek bathrobe, too!

(But, hey–do your favorite geek a favor and pass on the red one, okay?)

The 11th Doctor’s Die-Cast Sonic Screwdriver

Sure, there are the toy versions available just about everywhere, but this one is functional! Could a Father’s Day gift be more sonic?

R2D2 USB Hub

Oh, little Artoo. So cute, so underutilized. Something tells me that if Leia had had this instead of the real R2D2, her message wouldn’t have gotten cut short.

Voltron III (LionForce) Masterpiece Collection

If you’ve got some cash to drop and your dad graduated magna cum laude from Chogokin U in 1984, then there may not exist a more perfect gift than this. The die-cast set is a reissue of the original Voltron toys, and according to almost every review online, it is teh awesome.

The Glamdring

If the geeky dad in your life is a hardcore Tolkienist, skip the Hobbit feet and get him something badass, like a leather-wrapped replica of Gandalf’s sword.

Call of Cthulu 7-Die Set and Matching Dice Bag

For the RPGeek who taught you how to read a map and curse in Elvish, but also appreciates a good Lovecraftian reference.

The Complete History of American Comics

An updated history of comics written by a former Marvel executive. Get your dad current on all things comics, from mutants, changelings, atomized scientists, and gamma-ray accidents to supernaturally empowered heroes and villains.

8-Bit Tie

If you’re going to be less-than-creative and get the old man a tie, at least make it this 8-bit version.

Cosmos: The 7-DVD Set

If there’s one thing we at [GAS] know about geeks, it’s that you guys love Carl Sagan. Chances are better than one in a billion-billion-billion that your dad does, too.

So that’s our Father’s Day Gift Guide. What are you getting Dad this year?

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