Commercial Quantum Computers for Sale, Only $10M

The first D-Wave One, a commercially available 128-qubit quantum computer, has been sold to Lockheed Martin. The agreement between Lockheed Martin and D-Wave Systems was announced this week.

If you have a spare ten million bucks in your sofa cushions, you too can own the D-Wave One. Rather than relying on transistors and classical mechanics, a quantum computer uses principles of quantum mechanics to operate. So, rather than storing bits that read zero or one, quantum computing utilizes qubits, which record both the state of particle entanglement and memory. In the barest of layman’s terms, quantum computing is better, stronger, faster. And now we have the technology.

Predicted functions of quantum computers include code decryption, solving number theory and optimization problems, and modeling complex biological systems. But can it run Crysis?

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