How to Bore a Chat Bot

This happens all the time. You’re on AIM, Skype, whatever you kids are using these days, and here comes a ping from some heavily made-up young lady you don’t know with a multi-numbered generic name. Most of us ignore or block these, because clearly someone called SexxiGurl087421 is a bot, right? Not Clive Thompson. He decided to have some fun–perhaps not the kind that requires a credit card, but definitely the useful, “get this bot to STFU” variety.

(If one of you are actually named SexxiGurl087421, my sincerest apologies. Also, change your screen name. You look like a bot in that getup.)

[collision detection]

10 Responses to How to Bore a Chat Bot

  1. I need to brush up on my AI and Quantum Mechanics next time some bloody bot adds me (happens ALL the time on my old msn, and yahoo… it's like they're off a factory line or something).

  2. Say… what's gonna happen if a chatbot will bump on a chatbot?
    Are they going to discuss the meaning of artificial life and finally come up with idea of creating SKYNET?

  3. I once got messages from two bots on msn, so I put them into a conference chat with eachother.  It was quite amusing to watch.

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