Star Wars remake week: Turkish Star Wars

All this week we’ll be bringing you the most eyecatching remakes of Star Wars (as in Episode IV: A New Hope) in different media. And no, we’re not counting George Lucas’ own special edition tinkery. We start with one that can only be described as jaw-droppingly awful.

It’s a traditional film media version, but remade on an incredibly low budget in Turkey. The budget stretched neither to special effects nor to a healthy respect for copyright. The start of the movie is available right here, but to get a real feel for the sheer lameness of the whole affair you are better off with this clip of the closing 10 minutes:

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  1. Calling this a "remake" is a little misleading, I think.  It doesn't seem to incorporate anything but stock footage from Star Wars (and of course the Raiders March… over and over again…).

  2. This is not a re-make. This is an entirely different movie with lots of STOLEN stuff to fill in the gaps between horrendous acting.

    The story is quite marginal (and much much horrible). You cannot imagine how lucky are being unable to understand any of this shit.

    This movie is one of the many reasons Turkish cinema was not going anywhere for over 3 decades.

  3. This is really bad. It was amusing in a "Jeez, Mystery Science Theater would be all over this!" kind of way at first. But I dunno if it's because it's one in the morning, or what, but after about five minutes of watching it I started feeling genuinely unsettled. Too many fast cuts and repetition . . . I feel kind of ill. Anyway. There's my two cents. Farewell, internet world, don't watch this video before bed.  

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