Survey Says: People Like the iPad

So, Apple has this tablet–maybe you’ve heard of it, this iPad thing–and as it turns out, people really like and use it. In a survey of 850 iPad and iPad2 owners published on The Atlantic (conducted by Business Insider), results show that, on average, people use their tablets between two and five hours a day, primarily for web browsing. A not-so-small margin of 11.2% report using the iPad between five and “more than eight” hours a day.

In other unsurprising news, people are buying apps–lots of ’em. Most iPad owners have between 20 and 50 apps, primarily of the not-free variety, which is good news for Apple.

Seventy-two percent of surveyed say they use their iPad for reading, with around 38% of these buying Kindle titles on the iPad and about 45% reporting that they prefer iBooks. You can check out the rest of the results on The Atlantic.

So, aside from browsing reddit and answering email, what do you guys do with your iPad? (And should I get one? I’ve been holding out.)

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  1. I have a Motorola Xoom and i use it for almost everything now my poor PC and phone are getting devorice papers I think.

  2. Let me preface this by declaring my allegiances first. I own a Motorola Droid, rolled out Android smartphones for my users who need them and plan to get an Android tablet (either the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) within the next few months. As an IT guy and complete nerd, Android is the OS for me. That said, my wife has an iPod touch (latest generation), an iPad (first generation) and is thinking about getting an iPhone once she is eligible to upgrade her phone on Verzion. She likes Apple products, if that isn't obvious enough. 

    She uses iTunes to buy her music, movies, apps, etc and loves it because of how easy it is for her to use. She loves her iPad and iPod because they work well, attractively designed and meet all her needs. She has been disappointed in her Android smartphone. Part of that is because she went and picked out one on her own without talking to me first though. 

    IMO, it seems that people like Apple products because they work well, have a large selection of music/movies/apps through iTunes, the enormous amount of third party products that support the device and the fact that it is somewhat of a status symbol. Geeks/nerds/techy people like Android because it's open, can be hacked rather easily, has decent developer support and gives us a choice to get our content from where ever we choose as opposed to Apple's one stop shop. 

    As for whether or not to get an iPad (first or second generation), I say go for it if it meets your needs, because in the end that is all that really matters. The original iPad met my wifes needs and the Android tablet I plan to buy will meet mine. Either way, you will be happy with whatever choice you make.

    • Very impressive.  It's nice to read a well rounded opinion on something like this.  I, as I'm sure you do, read Gizmodo and Engadget all the time.  I love reading all the tech news, but I hate reading the comments because of all the Android/Apple bashing that goes on.  People never seem to realize that what works for one person may not work for another.  They seem to think that because they like what they like, everyone should like it as well, and if they don't, then they must be an idiot.

      I have an Android phone (rooted and running Cyanogen) and a 1st gen iPad (jailbroken), and I love them both.  I'll probably get an Android tablet when I can afford one, and hopefully I'll be able to do so without having to sell my iPad as I can find uses for it after I get an Android tablet.

      I wish more people could see the benefits of both sides of something, then maybe the conversations that happen in the comments on Engadget and Gizmodo would be more productive and enjoyable to read.

  3.  The iPad is nice, but far from unique.  The Moto Xoom is at least the iPad's equal in terms of hardware specs, and with the upcoming 4G upgrade and SD Card slot (SD support has already been hacked and works just fine, but out of the box, it hasn't been enabled) it will surpass the iPad in functionality.  The open nature of Android will do for tablets what it's already done for handsets.  For someone who doesn't care to customize too much, the iPad is fine, but if you really want to make your device your own, an android tablet is the way to go.

    I use my tablet for many things; it's my primary email and internet device, I carry it instead of textbooks and papers for night school, I can stream Hulu and other internet video/music from wherever I have a decent 3G connection w/o squinting at my smartphone's screen, video chat to see my 2-yo nephew in a different state.  It's an excellent replacement for my laptop for 95% of my purposes; one major exception – none of the office apps I've tried can match the experience on a full PC at this time, but I'm sure that will change soon.  

  4. NO, wait for better hardware. I have the original ipad and apart from the bloody thing not running flash it is still slightly underpowered for surfing the web. I use it mainly for games and videos… great for the kids in the car etc…
    I use osx, windows and a lot of linux but I am still unhappy with the ios limits. Get one if you dont mind conforming to Mr Steves way of doing things. I much prefer my htc desire….
    my 2c

  5. if i was to have an Ipad i would more then likely pick it up, and throw it at someone i hateor
    the other option of using it as door mat 

  6. I'm a mostly-dedicated Android user, though I do own an iPod touch. I like the idea of a tablet but don't know how well it'll serve my purposes–I spend the majority of my time on a netbook. I think the iPad is pretty, and who doesn't love shiny things? But I don't know if it will work for me in the way I'd need it to. 

    • same, i prefer android, but i also have an ipod touch. i dont see myself getting any sort of tablet in the near future, unless i am given one as a gift(would suck, would rather have the cash, lol), but yeah, its shiny

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