Survey Says: People Like the iPad

So, Apple has this tablet–maybe you’ve heard of it, this iPad thing–and as it turns out, people really like and use it. In a survey of 850 iPad and iPad2 owners published on The Atlantic (conducted by Business Insider), results show that, on average, people use their tablets between two and five hours a day, primarily for web browsing. A not-so-small margin of 11.2% report using the iPad between five and “more than eight” hours a day.

In other unsurprising news, people are buying apps–lots of ’em. Most iPad owners have between 20 and 50 apps, primarily of the not-free variety, which is good news for Apple.

Seventy-two percent of surveyed say they use their iPad for reading, with around 38% of these buying Kindle titles on the iPad and about 45% reporting that they prefer iBooks. You can check out the rest of the results on The Atlantic.

So, aside from browsing reddit and answering email, what do you guys do with your iPad? (And should I get one? I’ve been holding out.)

[The Atlantic] [image (CC)]