The Most Accurate Graph of All Time [Graph]

Edit: Ok, ok, the least accurate graph of all time then.. :) (See comments)



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    • Hardly the LEAST accurate, Scott. At least ONE of them got it right. And not close enough, but exactly right. That's better than any chart our government puts out there. 

  1. To be precise… it's precise, but highly inaccurate. Since the bars are perfectly deterministic and predictable, the percent chance that any of the bars will reach the top of the graph is either 100% or 0%. It might not be the least accurate graph ever, but at 10% accuracy it's pretty far down.

  2. omg… guys, don't you get it?! those bars don't move, so they will NEVER hit the top of the graph by any chance. not even the tall one, cause it doesn't reach the top. if it did, the probability would be 100%, and that would be correct, but this way it's 0%. therefore this graph has 0% accuracy. ;)

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