Now Hiring: Only Nude Female Coders Need Apply

Today’s daily helping of WTF:, a company that sells website software (apparently the kind that enhances images with text and such, or something) is hiring. But, there’s a bit of a catch: they only want nudist female web-coders to work in their UK office. From the site’s Jobs page:

“We need a number of nude web coders to work on preliminary web pages for customers using the toolkit of facilities we provide them. The work is totally dependant [sic] on the customers having a need but you never meet the customers and they will not not know you are nude. We will pay you £1,500 each month for 5 full days per week. You should be a practising nudist.”

There are plenty of reassurances that working in the Nude House office will be pleasurable and fun (they even keep the temperature at comfortable levels for total nudity, because that’s the problem with not wearing clothes at work, amirite?), and a carefully-worded disclaimer that the customers need not know the sales staff are nude or that Nude House is encouraging sexual behavior. No word on whether or not they prohibit such, however.

If, perchance, you’d like to work in an office full of other naked geek ladies, you can apply here.

The company also operates “traditional” offices (read: fully clothed, normal workplaces), which are also hiring.

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7 Responses to Now Hiring: Only Nude Female Coders Need Apply

  1. Ummmm,  Wow.  Interesting find.  So they encourage sex in the workplace, or did I read that wrong?

  2. "We do want more girls (as we get enough
    volunteers from male nudists) so if you are a female nudist and want to
    try working with us or you know someone female who might like to work
    then get them to apply to us."

    If they are genuinely just nudists – people who don't enjoy wearing clothes etc, why are they so interested to hire just women. This makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  3. Sounds a little voyeuristic to me on the company's part. And how do you know the webcam  isn't switched on and and they can STILL see you??? Like I said, sounds a tad bit voyeuristic to me…

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