Hand-Knit Companion Cube Sweater [Picture]

Check out this awesome Hand-Knit Companion Cube sweater by Tumblr user Monday.

Steamed length to sleeves. Ends all mostly weaved in. Underarm gaps sewn shut. Blocking done. Center heart duplicate stitched to add depth.

Total time to knit: 10 days.

Now let us never speak of this again.

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  1. What a show of extreme patience. The fact that it will take one to finish it 10 days makes it very exciting to wear. And as an addition, only girls have the ability to do that I guess.

    • As a knitter that does commission work, I'm just wondering : do you realistically understand how much that would cost ?  (10 days of work + cost of materials…. Helluva more than most people would think. )
      OTOH, I would so make myself one of these. It just made my day :P

      •  Agreed. People definitely don't understand how much work goes into things like this.
        Supplies alone would nearly run someone broke if quality yarn is used… I'm sure this took no less than 8 or 9 skeins, and with high quality yarn running anywhere from $7 (and that's low…) and above, on top of labor? Yeah, not a cheap thing at all!
        A much better idea, for those who love it? Learn how to knit, it's really easy! The sense of accomplishment after finishing a project is one of the best feelings in the entire world.

        Crafting = Very cool, and not just for your grandma :)

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