Reasons Why People Want a Mac [Graph]

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  1. i think less viruses would be a larger piece but for the most part i would agree. Sad thing is they dont even know whats going to hit them when they become the most popular OS and people start actually making viruses for them. It will be hilarious.

  2. People such as yourself have been proclaiming that Virus Writers haven't really attacked OSX like they have windows. the problem is that the Unix security model is proven. the only way to get infected w/ something is get the user to download and run malicious code. Compare and contrast this to windows where you can get infected without the user having to do anything.

    • Sure, if it was a true Unix distro, then yeah, what you said would be true. But it's been so highly automated that I'm pretty sure there's an auto-run function in there somewhere that could be easily taken advantage of. there is a reason why OSx is always the first to fall at hacking competitions (i.e. less than a minute into the entire event someone has complete system control)

      Even so, what makes you think people are smart enough to *not run* a program that assures you it's safe? Mac users are so desperate for a program that's Mac compatible (and a good portion of them are so sure of Mac's invulnerability) they're pretty much guaranteed to give it a run. At least with Windows you can manually pry your computer back into your own hands if you know what you're doing.

      A few months back I got a malware on my computer that booted when my computer started up and wouldn't let me doing anything until I bought this "Anti-virus" program (essentially extortion). I rebooted, jumped into command prompt in the half a second between login and virus start up, deleted the process, locked it out of administrator privileges, removed it from window's start up tasks, rebooted again, removed it's file protection and then deleted the sucker. I'd like to see someone with a Mac do that; the system is just so locked up.

      To this day, I have no idea where it came from (though I suspect my sister in her absent minded browsing – it appears to have been disguised as a media player and she had been asking about them earlier).

      • I've gotten that one a couple times. It was from linking to another page (like how this one always has the "
        Cool posts on other blogs:").

      • Quote:

        I'd like to see someone with a Mac do that; the system is just so locked up.

        If a Mac did have a problem, why wouldn't you just boot into single user mode and remove the offending malware? I'm a sysadmin working in Linux, Windows and OS X. I use each when appropriate for the task at hand. In terms of how "locked up" a system is, Linux is clearly the most open. Windows and OS X are fairly comparable in that regard. Other proprietary Unix versions are probably the most locked down. I see no reason for your claim that Windows (at the under-the-hood level) is more accessible than OS X. My daily experience working in both platforms is that they are pretty much the same in terms of accessing the underlying system.

        For minor malware intrusions, you are right that a knowledgeable person can "manually pry your computer back into your own hands". Again, that's just as true of Linux and OS X systems as well. If the malware includes a rootkit (and so many do these days!), then you're best off backing up your data and rebuilding from bare metal REGARDLESS of which OS you run.

    • Oh please, OSX is so far removed from BSD-UNIX that one shouldn't judge the security of one by positing the other. OSX is a leaky mess and has been successfully exploited first in every Pwn-to-Own contest. I trust Unix security but fear using OSX when the critical mass for criminal exploitation is reached.

    • Do me a favor. Look at market share of Windows. Now look at OS X. Any questions? Apple still is a massive niche player. And from a desktoplaptop standpoint always will be. Why do you think they are trying to change what is defined as a laptop with their iPad. They know they will NEVER win the desktoplaptop market. Hell they will never win any computer market because as long as MS owns the enterprise that will trickle down to consumers in some form or another.

    • So you’re suggesting that I base my desktop computing platform entiirely on popularity? I’ve got better idea. How about I choose whatever works for me, and you do the same?

      I’m going to Ignore the rest of your drivel…

    • So you're suggesting that I base my desktop computing platform entiirely on popularity? I've got better idea. How about I choose whatever works for me, and you do the same?

      I'm going to Ignore the rest of your drivel…

  3. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. I didn't buy mine because it was more secure. I had one virus in Windows since 3.11. I bought it because it was the Porsche of the computer world. Only to get it home, pop the hood, and find out its engine is underpowered to the competition usually by 6-8 months and Porsche tell you how to use the car and if you want to customize it to you drive you need to tweak the hell under the hood, which was what I was trying to get away from in Windows. In the end I went back to my Ford….a.k.a Windows 7 Ultimate.

  4. Less viruses is BS with Windows 7. A Normal user account you can run a virus on the thing all day long, but it can't do jack **** without an idiot user entering an admin password. Viruses have become a moot point on Windows. The exception being the dipshit OEM's that ship out Windows with user accounts as administrator. Looking at you Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, HP, et al.

    • im running windows 7, i find it to be a interesting night when i get a virus. its like a battle royal with me trying to stop it as it causes chaos with my registry. still undefeated since i learned computerness :D

  5. Windows/Ubuntu dual booter here. Never had a virus problem on either system. Common sense and five scanners kill anything before it has a chance to run. ^_^

  6. Interesting that the comments have focused on viruses. I, for one, am amazed at how bad Macs are at media editing.

  7. Viruses for OSX ? Why bother when it's so simple to get to an Iphone…

    Are there so much viruses out there anyway ? Got only two since my Windows 3.1 (seems to me more like a threat pushing people to buy anti-virus programs…)

    Anyway I like that graph 'cause, let's be honest, "mac people" can say whatever they want but these days, they're just hipsters who just want a "cool gadget", not a computer…

  8. I would add another piece: Access to a useful shell. Then again, Unix foundation… *sigh* ……………………… *is distracted*…………….. SHIIIIIIIIIINYYYYYYYYY………

  9. The #1 reason I would get a mac is for my damn computer science friends to stop laughing at me for having a windows machine…. "Oi, why do you have a PC?" "Because I don't need anything else and a Mac is too expensive." "N00000000000b get a Mac" "I DONT HAVE THE MONEY" "You aren't a real computer scientist unless you only run a unix-based OS that you customised." (Every single day of my life)

    • Real computer capable people have a PC that runs fine and they can use it without being concerned that something might happen because A) unlike most idiots out there they know what they are doing and won't screw things up (as much at least), B) they can fix problems with PCs because hell that is what most people and businesses in the real world use outside servers and C) because Windows PCs are simple enough and when you work with all the other stuff all day it is nice to step away from that at home.

    • lol seriously? Every qualified computer literate person I've met agrees that Macs are for idiots, hipster douches and people who just plain don't know any better :/

  10. I'm soooo sick of the "Macs are nice toys for dummies" argument. For real: i'm far from being a computer illiterate (i use my machines to accomplish tasks that most users don't even know exist) and i think OS war is for complete idiots.
    I love my Win7 setup, i love my Mac, i love my linux box (a little less, to be honest)Please, stop it.

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