Like a G6 Parody: Roll a D6, Roll a D6 [Video]

OMG! Best. Song. Parody. Of. ALL. TIME.

There’s only one thing I don’t agree with however: Coke certainly isn’t the best beverage to have while playing D&D.


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    • I don't know why people have so much hatred for 4e. I've been gaming for a very long time, I've played a great a great number of systems, and in my experience, the system has absolutely no bearing on whether or not you can have fun playing a game with your friends. The skill and creativity of the DM and of the players shows through regardless of system.

      As I tell my friends, saying you can't have fun with a particular game system is like saying you can't have fun with a water balloon because it's the wrong color.

    • I can't believe you even put 3.5 in there. I'm sorry, that means you're just as much of a newb as they are, lol.

      ORIGINAL D&D, AD&D, & Rules 2, boys and girls.

      Throwing around 3.5 like it's somehow special and gives you cred? Hardly.

  1. this was an awesome. However there is a few thing i dont agree with the girls character costume she looks more like an archer then mage unless she is part Mage and archer. and i agree with the above phrase "Coke certainly isn’t the best beverage to have while playing D&D." But for parody's sake it is a well done parody.

      • I would like to point out that they are playing d&d 4 which is practically WoW and i think mages can carry shields by those rules

        • Oh, shit, I'm arguing D&D online… Damn it, fellow nerds…
          You can use a shield as a mage (Wizard or Warlock, either one), but it does carry a penalty especially if you don't have a shield proficiency. 
          She does look more like a ranger or something, but my warlock carries around a bow (I think I've used it once or twice when we were fighting stuff that wasn't affected by fire) and a sword (which I mostly just lend to people when their swords get thrown) so, who the hell knows. If one of their party is a level 30, they've all probably got feats and crap out the wazoo so we can probably assume she's eventually taken shield/armor/bow proficiency as she saw fit. She also stole a wallet, though, which … uh… I dunno. I've never played a wizard. Can wizards steal wallets? I don't think you can do cross class skills in 4.0 but maybe that's retraining later? Maybe she took a feat to gain a new skill later.
          At any rate, I don't remember ever having to use a D6 except to roll damage or decide who dies in a horrible situation.

    • Actually, if you read some of the interviews with Conner Anderson, he says that she wasn't actually supposed to be inferring that she's a Wizard as her class, but that she's a "wizard at rolling dice", kind of like Pinball Wizard or one of those types of things. They won't say what her class is, though personally I'm thinking she's gotta' be a caster with a bow considering she was shooting lightning through the sky at one point.

    • elves get a martial weapon proficiency for a number of weapons including long and short bow as a racial trait. Also seeing as she's a wizard and the elves favored class is wizard the whole thing maked perfect sense.

  2. she actually isn't a wizard….
    she's an archer
    but's that the only thing that isnt awesome on this song^^

  3. That was…incredibly awful. Of course the songs sucks to begin with. Not to mention, omg is the first guy singer fugly. You certainly don't have to be beautiful to be in a video, but you shouldn't cause people to cringe at the sight of you…

  4. i dont think "im a wizard" could have been said in a sexier voice if the godess of porn said it herself

  5. It was well done. For the comments that shes and archer she could be an elf? I usually buy whats on sale and usually is coke when I play D&D pathfinder much better then 4thE

  6. After watching this with my 2 year old daughter, she had to dance around the living room repeating roll a d6 over and over. It was very cute to watch. She'll be a gamer in q few years I'm sure.

  7. When's the last time you rolled a D6 for any kind of save or check? Then again, I guess D20 doesn't exactly flow as well.

  8. Love the concept, but hate the girl's constant class changes. I mean, I'm not a D&D player, but I know that someone who repeatedly says "I'm a wizard" doesn't usually carry bows, and then a shield…

    • You can use a crossbow, and if you really wanted to buy the feat for  Martial Weapon Prof you could. However, the point is she just doesn't look like a wizard who just "picked up" archery.

  9. Clearly Wizards had this made, the clear shots of the 4th Ed playbooks and those stupid tiles and miniatures that they want us to use. Plus it's only in 4th Ed that Level 30 was even reachable really. In older versions you needed to play a whole different kind of campaign to get over 20.

  10. Last time I played (decades ago I am sorry to say) saving throws were rolled with a d20 and multiclass characters weren't so popular with DMs, but I have to say I love this song and suddenly really want to outfit a gaming room in our house…  My 11-year-old daughter found it inspirational :)

    As for taking a wallet off a dead enemy, I'm pretty sure a wizard/mage who can shoot a bow and use a shield can do that too.  Sure it'd be cool if the 'dwarf' was the same height throughout the video, and if the traditional assortment of caffeine and highly processed 'food' items were featured, but it did the job, it really did the job.

    Am I the only one who thinks the Uruk-hai is a great dancer?


  11. So how about, instead of trying to say why it's not spot on with D&D regulations you maybe consider the fact that the song is "Like a G6" and the main line is "Roll a D6"…probably going for the recognizable number there more than anything else…it's a parody. Take the fun for what it's worth and move on. It's enjoyable to listen to, funny if you're a gamer of any sort, and definitely a step up from the original. =D

  12. .   Ahhh. Brings me back to the old days, with
    my buddies from High school starting a campaign on Friday night, Multiple Hot
    dog runs a couple of pizza's and Sub's  later with a 12 two liter bottles
    gone we would realize it was Sunday night and we would have to finish the story
    next weekend.  

    Oh weekends of Gluttony how I miss thee. I would probably
    die of a heart attack is I tried to
    Cute song though.

  13.  If a girl that hot had agreed to play with us when I was in High School, then we wouldn't have cared if she dressed like little orphan Annie and said she was a cheerleader ninja.  So I think that no matter what she said she was, the outfit is authentic to what would have really happened.

  14. I thought this was awesome until I saw they were playing 4.0

    Also, the coke thing goes all the way back to the first MIT hackers. Coke was their drink of choice to stay up all night and fuck around with the PDP's. It has since permeated all of true nerd culture.

    I'm not gonna lie though, I'm a Pepsi man.

  15. I'm pretty sure they just mixed all the skills and stuff so that they had more lyrics. She might even have a few levels in rogue if they have 30 levels to play around with.

    But on another token . .  .who the hell stays straight ranger into epic levels?!?!

  16. well, i'm with them on the coke.  but there are a couple of other problems i have: one, she said she was a wizard, and she's clearly a ranger or something.  also, why would the DM be hacking up the goblins?

    • If the DM was also ghosting a character in order to round out the party then he'd be killing goblins just like the rest of them. And if they played elves or half-elven like they used to then she'd still have the longbow proficiency regardless of which class she played & would probably dress fairly ranger-like as well.

      • ok, fair point.  however, what level were they?  if she's a high level
        mage she should really be using two implements to increase her damage
        (dual implement spellcaster?  don't remember the name of the feat).  however, i might be overly nerding out on this one… 

  17. Pretty good, pretty good.  I think Wierd Al beats it with White an Nerdy though.  He got all his facts right AND it's a paradoy.  But then, I know he realy is a nerd so that helps.  Still, pretty good.

  18. Haven't been an active player in over 18 years. But I have never lost my love for D&D. I have seen editions come and seen them go. I have played with no dice other than d6's and no books while I was in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. A special note to any player, (don't get to where you live and die by the rule book) always remember what Gary Gygax said. "the books are only guidelines" use what you want but most important "HAVE FUN". So with all the technicalities aside. I thought it was great.

  19. Rock! m/ !!!!

    Definitely been there. Rifts, Heros Unlimited, CyberPunk and BattleTech, rather than DnD, and we didn't have any hot chicks in the group and didn't do LARPing, but, yeah.

    So awesome.

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