The Difference Between iPhone and Android



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    • You can do apps, but never mod the iOS system…. thats why he cannot do it. On Android he says something about a ROM, officialy Android allow those ROMs, APPLE don't.

    • Apple and their tight reign on their market. Good luck getting something that is messing around with the OS passed through Apple. Meanwhile I checkmark unknown sources and screw Android market. I can install an app from any website I like.

    • And that's why the next jail someone ought to break is the penitentiary. Jailbreaking is illegal. I'd never buy something that forces me to break the law in order to work properly. At least, it should cost a lot less than an Android system!

      Plus you lose warranty, for 800 € I'd want a little more.

  1. Jailbreaking is not illegal. Apple doesn't like it, but it is not illegal. Otherwise Jailbreakers will have been put behind bars already.

    Also, you don't void your warranty if you factory reset and restore form backup. How does Apple know you've Jailbroken then?

    Honestly people, think a little before posting.

  2. Actually you can jailbreak you iphone, use your mac to download x code and build your own app that way too. It requires and understanding of Objective C, but it is a good past time.

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