Avast Matey! [Cartoon]

[Source: Virtual Shackles]

13 Responses to Avast Matey! [Cartoon]

  1. I don’t have cable. I know this guy’s pain. (And even when I can’t find something, I’m still glad I don’t have cable. Waste of money if you’re not into sports. :-/ )

  2. Try being European. If I want to see new shows, it's either pirate them or wait at least a year and pray some station decides to show them. If the big studios would just make a site where I could pay to watch each episode and show my support to prevent cancelation of a lot of good shows, we'd all go home happy- me with better shows and them with more money :/

  3. umm…pay for HBO and you'll get it on HBOGO for free? concept of the comic is funny, until you wonder why your favorite shows keep getting cancelled.

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