Stupid Future [Pic]

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  1. To me a book is one way to get away from any sort of screen, replacing it with another device is for me pointless.

  2. my dad has a kindle and offers me it if i ever want to read but the idea of flicking through pages with a button seems so strange to me. i prefer the turning of the pages im not sure maybe im just materialistic.. (at least i think materialistic is the right word)

  3. @Chase Corpus – Sorry to burst your bubble, but real geeks read real books. Hipsters fake being geeky for the social boost, while real geeks don't care about the social aspect when they read old paperbacks while waiting for a download or update, or when doing their laundry, or when they just feel like reading.

    Get your stereotype straight, non-geek.

  4. ive always found reading off an electronic display to be medieval on the eyes after a while, anyone that reads a book for over an hour at a time would prolly agree.
    @Bravenoob .. yes free or cheap is great

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