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    • And you wait, then find that he has sexual dysfunction, or the 2 of you are not sexually compatible (size – and it's not always the man at fault for that, or one or both of you hates oral but the other craves it, or maybe you can't get off and it ruins it for him… the possibilities are endless, really), and now you're legally bound to each other. (and then things get ugly since you can't just walk away and the back biting ensues, or the relationship is very unhappy)

      You wouldn't buy a house without touring it first, would you? And a house is a lot easier to get into and out of.

      As someone else here stated, sex is part of a healthy and happy relationship. If it is lacking, there is something wrong. (as often as not, what is wrong is how screwed up one or both of the participants is thanks to societally induced puritanical brainwashing)

  1. Because some of us realize that there is more to life than sex…

    On a related note: many of us would give it up a bit easier if guys weren't so damn desperate and pathetic!

      • I have no problems with making sammiches ;) In fact, I enjoy it. I love doing just about anything for a guy if he deserves it (I'm pretty easy to satisfy, just a "thank you" sometimes and not being a total dick. I'm not into romance, grand gestures, etc.).
        Ya know my biggest issue with just about every guy I've been with? They have too many feelings. They just cry about their feelings all the time, and it's really really REALLY annoying. Seriously.

        On a related note: this "battle of the sexes" thing is so old and tired… I'd say males and females suck equally (usually different ways, but the same amount of suckiness).
        I say we start a new war: functional humans versus whiny children.

        • Women started the "battle of the sexes", there is an obvious, and clearly defined differentiation in nature for each speacies, including our own. And it was fine for a while. But the 20th century saw the decline of the natural system (Order, but I hesitated to use that, lest a women's libber get bent out of shape).

          So, yeah, it is old. And tired. It shouldn't exist at all. But, it has to, because N.O.W. and the like force it to.

          And here's where I get attacked, so let me state, I'm not a woman hater, and I don't think one is "better" than the other, I'm simply stating what even little children know – there are differences. "Equal" means the same as. We are not equal. Of equivalent value, but not equal. And there is nothing wrong with traditional roles. They are traditional for a _reason_. (nobody is above nature, nor knows "better" than nature, however much snob lefties wish to claim to be/do so).

  2. I'm all for waiting for the moment for those of you who weren't hugged enough as a child, but i wouldn't advise it. I got into a relationship and didn't do the deed until far into it and guess what, it was horrible …every time. Do yourself the favor of making sure it's good, it's what you want. Then, you can hold out.

    • Don't ever hold out. Sex is not a weapon and should never be leveraged. Women should want and enjoy it every bit as much as the guy because it is not something you do FOR the guy, it's something you do for yourself AND your guy, something for both.

      Get it out of the way early, if you aren't compatible, or that's all he's looking for, you save yourself a huge investment of time (that you wouldn't get back). If it's good, and he's worth anything (ie, not there just for sex), and you are sexually compatible, then jackpot, now have it as often as the 2 of you are interested in – which shouldn't be a problem if you are compatible, frequency should work out well too.

      If you with-hold, you're with-holding from yourself, and not a good person to be in a relationship with – just another conniving manipulative bad person. (regardless of who may be holding out or why – it's just more rare for it to be the guy trying to weaponize sex)

  3. Hahaha, I am so glad I have never met a women who thinks like that.
    I don't mind no sex for a while, but physical acts are a part of a healthy relationship. In my eyes anyway.

  4. Geeks don't get that much sex anyway! He has nothing to complain about, just be happy he's out with a real live girl! LOL!!!

    • yup and dealing with guys you like to mess with (by leading them on ) is why guys rarely tolerate drama / Bs these days .

      that an we got way to many males in the Friend Zone (coffin) cus of this Cartoon thinking .
      (a 14 yr old in Ny)

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