Geek-Parent Earworm from PBS Kids [Video]

I don’t know what it’s like to live in a house that’s not fully inhabited by geeks. My husband is a 3D graphics and design nerd with a strong affinity for all things comics, Transformers and Star Wars. I have books to the ceiling and could spend days on end watching The History Channel and Discovery Earth. Our daughter? Well, she’s five. She likes everything but boys.

For the last three days, she’s been running around our house asking a billion questions (“Why are bubbles different colors? What’s a feather made of? Can you explain to me, in layman’s terms, how the theory of relativity works?”) and singing this song from PBS’s Sid the Science Kid.

(“They give you information you can see with your eyes…)

If I have to listen to you, so can you. You’re welcome.

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