Prettiest Supergirl Ever [Pic]

Yeah, I know, the color of her eyes probably isn’t natural, but darn, I’m melting all over my chair just by looking at them.


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    • In Europe 'nipples' is not a bad word. But I am being censored here :( Why does she have no super 'nipples'?

      Can I say that on an american website? Nipples nipples nipples!

      American people can be very weird. We all have nipples but Super Girl doesn't. Wonder Woman bra? Can I say that in America?


  1. I'd watch her in a supergirl movie or TV show. you guys are too picky, this isn't reality, this is fantasy. 

  2. Eyes are fake, hair is fake, no doubt the boobs & teeth are fake, too. Nothing is real any more except fakery.

  3. my favorite thing in the world, is going onto these posts and reading all the hate replies from people who are so ugly in some way that they feel they have the right to insult someone or group to make themselves seem more powerful. Good job, kids.

    • No offense but using the ugly and jealous accusation doesn’t make the person using it look witty, it gets them dismissed as a teenybopper fangirl or fanboy. Not many people over the age of 14 takes that line seriously.

      Bu the way, no one can truthfully say that they have never insulted a person or a group including you.

    • Hiddyman…Had to give you a thumbs-up for that one. So correct that losers equalize not by picking themselves up, but by trying to bring the rest down.

  4. She doesn't look all that pretty to me.  I'm not putting her down.  She is cute, but the prettiest Supergirl ever?  Helen Slater was definitely prettier back in the day.

      • Gotta agree with Anon – Laura VanderVoort played the Super Hot Super Girl in Smallville. That girl was smokin' in every way possible. No one could top Laura V!

        • Vandervoort and Slater are both gorgeous women, but I've got to say Slater in her day was a bit of a goddess. She has nicer eyes and a more attractive shape to her face, but that's just a preference. I'm afraid the cosplay-girl in the photo, although cute, is not in that league, especially if she has to wear a blonde wig.

  5. Best Supergirl costume i ever saw was a young woman who actually was blonde, was exactly the right physical type … and was actually named "Kara".

    She said her costume choice for conventions was sort of a no-brainer…

  6. Hi. I'm the guy who took the picture. And posted it on Tumblr. That one picture got my site 1,444 hits. In One Day. And up until just a week ago or so, if you Googled American Comicon, her picture was on the very top of the page. And it's over 2 months later and people are still talking about her. She is Absolutely Unbeleivable. Thank you, Camile. :)

  7. Hi. I’m the guy who took the picture. And posted it on Tumblr. That one picture got my site 1,444 hits. In One Day. And up until just a week ago or so, if you Googled American Comicon, her picture was on the very top of the page. And it’s over 2 months later and people are still talking about her. She is Absolutely Unbeleivable. Thank you, Camile. :)

  8. no comment
    l am chokedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd  the pictur say alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  9. If you want real, leave your house and go to Walmart. You probably won't find Supergirl there. Photoshopped image? Probably, but so what. The girl is attractive. Not Megan Fox, mind you, but attractive non the less.

  10. Guys if you look real close, you can see she has no hair line or arms. There's no line in her bottom lip. Her eye brows are fake and to be in such a skin tight costume, her tits don't show.

    • Is this your way of saying she's a fake person? She's real…sorry dude. As a woman with thick eyebrows to give them more definition I draw mine in a little more as well..I guess that makes me fake too.

  11. Milla Bishop is truly a wonderful person, she has a kind spirit and is the epitome of a true Super Hero, you should see her Wonder Girl (Donna Troy). She is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. I know her, there are much better pictures of her in this costume. She still may not be the prettiest Supergirl to everyone, but I think people would think higher of her if they were shown a different picture.

  13. Holy shit you guys, you pointed out that she's wearing a wig! And *gasp!*- colored contacts!

    You act like you cracked the fucking Da Vinci code when actually you just found someone who wanted to cosplay as Supergirl but didn't have the requisite blond hair and blue eyes.

    Did you geniuses know that sometimes people DYE THEIR HAIR to play roles on TV or in movies? And holy shit you guys, when you see someone on Halloween who looks like a werewolf, they're not really a werewolf? It turns out they're wearing a a fucking mask! I know, I know, I couldn't believe it either! It blew my mind, too! So much fakeness out there!

    And to you d-bags who feel the need to point out her flaws, good for you. I'm completely sure that you're not laying in bed next to some troll tonight, or worse yet, alone for the umpteenth night in a row. I definitely buy into the fact that your apparently high standards are not just your way of compensating for how depressed you are or that you still haven't gotten over being rejected by that girl you liked back in the 11th grade.

    • Dude your comments cracked me up laughing……bwaaa ha ha haaa….Good comment mite…..Of course youa re right abut "so much fakeness". This especially goes for those who are stuck in the SPOTLIGHT and celebrity career and lifestyle. None of them can simply be their natural selves. And are unfortunately always followed by fucking Paparazzi people all the time. Just imagine wherever you went there was always someone taking your picture. I am sure that girl with fake eyes, hair and whatever…..she found her spotlight by now….For some reason the typical example of a Superwoman somehow evolved to be an image of a girl with blonde hair. This came from al the comics. I am glad I am just me and not fake……

  14. Whether she has fake eyelashes, eye contacts, wig, bra, waterer, simply put all together she does look like the prettiest example of a Superwoman. If there was ever a movie to be made, she should be hired for the role. Her lips and smile are her own original, so I think that is a bonus. Tell me any celebrity who today does not have something FAKE for the sake of looking good or staying young. Even men and women. Noone can unfortunately be themselves in the spotlight world.

  15. Too bad she is incredible stuck on her self and a total bitch. By the way, there are more than a few who are a hundred times better.

  16. Some of you people here are major assholes. I've known Cami for almost 10 years now and is by far one of the most incredible people I know. She is real. Get over it.

  17. If you actually look at her, none of her is real XD Eyecolour isn't natural. Hair is a wig if you look at her bangs. Lips are way too red, trying to attract attention away from the more fake parts XD
    Seriously, she is 100% fake. Pretty, but 100% fake.

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