Railgun Blasts Hugo Award Through Steel Plate and Beyond!

Check out General Atomics’ new railgun as it fires a projectile, which incidentally looks almost exactly like a Hugo Award, through a steel plate and then 7km further.

[Via BoingBoing]


19 Responses to Railgun Blasts Hugo Award Through Steel Plate and Beyond!

    • I imagine if they're capable of building a military grade Rail Gun then they will be able to do high level mathematics that makes the mathematics for calculating the projectile's path look like child's play.

  1. Wonderful.. Another devastating tool for the united states to use to murder millions of people around the world.

  2. hey gunner's mates! ready to have more crap for your advancement exams?! i know i'm not…

    • I would rather it didn't exist period. Franky, your question is invalid anyway cause America not having it does not mean Iran does (this is what we call a 'logical fallacy', wiki it). A further point would be, it is now possible for them to attain because it now exists for them to copy.

      Go be stupid somewhere else.

    • Well, at least now we'll have a head start on the technology. A world without weapons would be nice, but i don't think that's going to happen any time soon. The best we can do is keep improving our defenses. Not to mention this technology presents great possibilities when applied to other areas of science, space launch systems for example.

      • I agree, it is a useful technology…but shit, i'm so tired of ridiculous money being spent so that we can kill other people (under the guise of self defense) rather than for the sake of human progress. We spend too much money defending ourselves from ourselves when, in the end, we're all in this together.

  3. We need to spend money on exciting new weapons, it's the only way we will have a chance for when the aliens come.