Geek Speed Dating [Picture]



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  1. Funny. My question was to name 5 Batman villains that have not appeared in any of the films. You would think that wouldn't be difficult, right? But so many failed…

    Yeah, I did do speed dating asking only nerdy questions. Went pretty much JUST like that.

    • The Mad Hatter, The Ventriloquist, Maxie Zeus, Clayface and Victor Zsasz. ( Maxie Zeus and Clayface haven't been in the movies, right?) . That is the best speed dating question EVER, too bad I'm already married. My whole life I've loved Batman.

  2. She's got closed body language already, I don't know why they're even talking. Unless this geek is hilarious, he's not going to be dipping his Light Saber in anything anytime soon, if you catch my drift…

  3. Dustyn's body language comment is spot on. I would have even needed to ask the question before giving the response. As John Lydon would say, "End of interview.".

    • Careful ! There are those who liked all Star Wars movies and those who only like episodes IV, V and VI, they're not the same at all !

      I can easily relate, I never date a guy who didn't like Conan The Barbarian…

      (french gal, sorry if my english's not that good)

    • Um…yea. Just because we like Star Wars and consider ourself a geek doesn't mean we have to be shy. I can find plenty of hot girls that would love my FX saber collection, do why try with a girl that doesn't have similar intrests?

    • I suppose but, I think the idea was he just sat down with this girl for the first time. He could have asked that question about starwars long before getting to that table if they had gotten the chance.

  4. Haha, thats true. I refused to go on a date with a guy because he said "the phantom menace" was the best star wars film. And that the 3 first films were "totally" boring and had bad quality.