@BrentSpiner: Embiggening YouTube’s Awesomeness

Brent Spiner, portrayer of Star Trek TNG’s Commander Data and that one long-haired scientist from “Independence Day,” has been hanging around on Twitter for quite some time. Increasing his real estate on teh interntz, he just launched a web series over on YouTube called “Fresh Hell.”

The first episode, clocking in at just over three minutes, sets the stage for what looks like a pretty funny show. Playing himself, Spiner is involved “in an incident” that “shocks America,” and consequently falls from public grace. The actor’s tongue-in-cheek portrayal of himself as unemployed, down-and-out, and universally reviled ┬áis worth a few million views. And the next-door neighbor is pretty funny, too.

Be sure to check out Fresh Hell on YouTube for future episodes and let us know what you think!

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