Wanna Be an Astronaut? Apply Today!

Dear Richard Branson: choose me.

The day has finally come for a select few of us to realize our lifelong dream of being an astronaut. More specifically, the dream of being a Pilot-Astronaut for Virgin Galactic’s commercial spaceflight program. The company has posted the listing for “Pilot-Astronauts” on their careers page, which makes it a real thing. Specifically, they’re looking for three individuals with previous experience in 1) Spaceflight, 2) Commercial flight, and 3) Flight training.

I’m no pilot and I have never been further from high-Earth orbit, so I won’t be applying. But the call is out and Virgin Galactic expects to have a great many applications to sift through, so if you want to throw your hat in, do so by the 30th of April.


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