OMG NEED: WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

I have to confess something to you guys: I’ve been harassing my wife about letting me brew beer at home for years. YEARS. Unfortunately, she thinks that, and I hate to admit that she’s right, we just don’t have a good spot at home to do this. But no more, thanks to the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. Behold:

Have you seen how pretty this thing is? How shiny? And all it costs is $4500. $4500 for a machine that can brew a batch of fine tasting beer every 7 days and looks like something that would have made Dionysus and Hephaestus jealous? Now that’s an awfully good deal if you ask me!

[WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery]


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  1. Umm what exactly is so revolutionary about it?

    I've been brewing my own Beer and Wine for the last 7+ years , sure it might not be done in 7 days but it wont give you head aches and as bad hangovers the next day from a overly short fermentation process ,so its worth the longer wait, and regardless of what the add tells you the taste will improve with a longer fermentation process as well.

    PS Did I mention that it only costs a $100 at max not $4500

    • Fas: I agree. I have been brewing for 3 years now and there's no way in hell I would drink something from this. Sorry… i just can't trust a 7 day fermentation, first of all. Second, it's most likely going to taste like skunk. I'll stick to my 4-week process. The quality is guaranteed to be better, I can add to it what I want, brew with malts and hops I want, I get to watch it do its thing (there's something about watching happy little yeasties bubble and churn. Am I the only one who cheers them on? No really.), and the yield is higher. And frankly, I would rather only have to worry about cleaning NONelectrical items (bucket, carboy, hoses, bottles).

      Sometimes technology moves us backward.

  2. Are you crazy? You brew beer in a bucket in a closet. It’s really not a space issue. I’ve been doing it in small apartments most of my life.

  3. Are you crazy? You brew beer in a bucket in a closet. It's really not a space issue. I've been doing it in small apartments most of my life.

  4. Or…you could get a 1 gallon glass jug, an airlock, and a stew pot and brew it yourself for under 30 dollars.

  5. this is a horrible idea. My supplies take up less room, brews more, has less parts to break and for how much they are asking for this shiny thing I could brew 45 batches of beer (around 60 bottles of beer each). and best of all? I don't buy what looks like beer concentrate. I get to experiment with different yeasts, hops, grains, and malts. This is the "Easy Bake Oven" of brewing.

  6. "we just don’t have a good spot at home to do this"
    Good god! How small is your dwelling?? My 4-gallon tank takes up 3 square feet in the back of a closet.

    • And I need to add something to my comment above. You don't have enough money to get a place to live that's bigger than a thimble… but you can afford a $4500 P.O.S. rip-off machine? I'm confused.

  7. I know this thread is old but I also brew at home and the whole "space" thing is just an excuse. All you need is 2 carboys, one bottling bucket, a brew pot, some tubing, bottles and a capper. You can store it all in a closet. Hell my wife and I brew so often we have one cabinet in our kitchen we put it in. While fermenting the carboy sits on some towels in our master bath. We both like to watch it ferment.

    The 7 day beer is a lie! It will taste like sh%te and will barely be 3%. Also the great thing about brewing is the time it takes. It is a loving process. If you rotate 2 batches you can have beer finished in a bottle every couple weeks.

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