Hello Watchmen! [Pics]

Flickr user Joseph Senior, aka. Yodaflicker, plans to illustrates 101 kitties so that he can then compile them into a nice coffee table book. We’ve already featured a few of his illustrations here on [GAS] in the past, but Joseph has recently released a new batch of hello kitty characters, including a few Watchmen-themed ones. Check ’em out!

Hello Night Owl

Hello Rorschach

Hello Silk Spectre

Hello Dr Manhattan

Hello Comedian

4 Responses to Hello Watchmen! [Pics]

  1. Why does the comedian kitty have a button with blood on it, when the blood only came onto the button when the comedian died? Does that mean kitty picked up the dead comedians button from the paveway?
    Then again, even the rorschach kitty wears a bloodstained comedian button on its hat…

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