Sandworm Size Chart [Pic]

This handy sandworm size chart from Dan Meth compares the size of sandworms featured in various modern movies.

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  1. I don't think Graboids are larger than the Sarlacc. And how does he not know what the Sandworms are called from Beetlejuice?

  2. no no no NO

    graboids are like maybe 25 feet

    sarlac was HUGE, who knows how far it extended, but maybe its 50 something feet. I dont remember about the ???, but the makers are many many many times larger.

    • sarlacc's can continue growing based on there available food source so they can get huge even bigger that dunes SHAI-HULUD. from what I know sarlacc's live for tens of thousands of years and continue growing in order to cover more ground to swallow even more things. a good example of one of the larger sarlaccs lets see…. oh right the one from force unleashed video game its maw alone stretched four kilometers. so if were talking averages and all that this whole picture is off and grabloids very wildly there usually the size of extended cab truck but el blanco was massive in the tv show. I do like the picture and I dont really think it was meant to be taken this seriously but I just wanted to say thats all.

  3. …the sandworm from Dune was half a kilometer long. If this were a true size chart, the other ones would be tiny!

    • That thing was HUGE! 10-20 miles long at max. Plus it could split and recombine as necessary.
      So… Yah, much as I like the Shai-Hulud, the Jag is largest. And the Graboids were smallest.

  4. In one of the Tremors movies, a dead graboid fit in the back of a pickup, and if you look up the sarlacc it has a really extensive underground part. Think like an iceberg.

  5. The Sarlacc extends for hundreds of feet down and is at least 80 feet wide.
    its not known wether its a plant or an animal.
    It can vary in size dependant on what planet its on and what the environment is like.

  6. Are you kidding me? Number one, graboids are NOT bigger and wider than Sarlacc, and number two, according to the 1980's movie, the Sci-Fi miniseries, and most importantly, the BOOKS, Shai-Hulud is INSANELY GIGANTIC. If the Shai-Hulud sandworm shown here was the correct size, a person would probably be about the size of one of the quotation marks around "Dune". If a person is about as tall as a graboid is wide, then this chart is -COMPLETELY- off.

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