The Ultimate Super Mario Bros. Bedroom [Pic]

*Sigh* – I shouldn’t have shown this picture to my son… now he wants me to paint his bedroom that way, and I don’t quite have the talent to do it this well. :(



12 Responses to The Ultimate Super Mario Bros. Bedroom [Pic]

  1. my son want's a Nintendo themed room. So I'm going to do a Mario world backdrop, in a different art style so it will fit all the Nintendo characters i have picked. (link,Zelda,Navi,Mario,Luigi,Bowser,Boo,Ba-Bomb,Kirby,Donkey Kong,etc) He can def grow in that room, heck i'm 21 and i would totally do a Mario themed room for myself ;)

  2. It's really not hard to paint/draw something that is 8-Bit, I'd prefer the actual background in the Mario games to what is up on this kids wall. I'd say give it a go if you have the time!!!

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