The Most Interesting Unboxing Video of All Time

The following video illustrates the absurdness of the online “unboxing” phenomenon and provides some basic review tips for people who want to make review videos.

[Via MUO]

5 Responses to The Most Interesting Unboxing Video of All Time

  1. I don't know why people hate unboxing. Most of the reviews don't really cover what's insind the box appart from the product. For mobile phones it's sometime very important to know or not if it comes with a case, headphones, extra earbuds, USB cable and a wall charger adapter or a wall charger alone… Because most of hardware/software reviews don't cover that kind of information and unboxing can be useful for that. I don't watch a lot of these videos but when I'm interested in a product, I want to know what comes with it and what the package looks like.

    And if you find these annoying, simply don't watch them.

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