Jar Jar Binks Gets Beaten in the Subway

Following on the news that Star Wars episodes VII, VIII, and IX will be directed by Steven Spielberg, here’s a video of everyone’s favorite Star Wars character getting his ass whooped in the subway. I guess that’s what you get for harassing people while being dressed as Jar Jar Binks. The footage was uploaded to Youtube on March 31st, so I’m not sure if this is an April Fools’ day prank or not (it probably is!)

[Via Buzzfeed]


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  1. you guys are fucking idiots… learn to respect other peoples right to personal space, i would have kicked his ass too. hope you never find that guy, and if you do i hope nothing happens- pressing charges for what? because the actors didn't respsect his request when the guy obviously didn't want him in his face… dumb ass

  2. This is clearly an April Fools joke – Improv Everywhere usually has pretty elaborate gags, with a lot of planning and timing involved. "Jar Jar annoying commuters followed by Darth Maul jumping on the train goofily swinging a lightsaber" isn't up to their usual level of Hijinks, but faking a Jar Jar beating would be…

    They are from NYC, so they would know better than to get in the face of 3 tough looking guys, in NYC, on the subway.

    They say they are pressing charges, but they tell you to contact them with the information, not to contact your NYPD precinct or to call 311 with the info. They also ask you to spread the video as much as you can (twitter, facebook, etc) – trying to create a viral, and they may be successful.

    Good one on them if they fooled a lot of people on April 1st…

  3. hahaha, improv everywhere really outdid themselves. this is the best april fools' i have seen yet. just look at the comments – everyone is outraged, some at the actor, some at the guy. nicely done.

  4. Viva Improv Everywhere…. very sophisticated pranksters. I believe this is a prank–but who cares! It's a great viral video, the spoof is normally played by improv everywhere on subway riders–now they've flipped it.

    what's the wildest thing you've ever seen on the NYC subways?

    share your story.

  5. honestly, my only thought, they did this on a new york subway and didn't expect to get someone who was a little rough?

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